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Tires disassembly and installation

Tires disassembly and installation

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Driving pleasure begins with the optimal selection and proper installation of tires. We are experts in providing, filtering and installing the best international tires, For all types of cars and different driving requirements. We have the optimal tires for sports cars, luxury, economy, four-wheel drive and light locomotives, suitable for different driving requirements and styles, to achieve the maximum levels of safety, comfort and fun on the road. If you are still looking for the perfect tires for your vehicle and driving style, You can now browse and buy the best international tires online from our website, or at Tire & Tech headquarters.

We also supply and install new tires for your home in Tire & Tech cars for mobile service, And equipped to provide various tire services such as repair, alignment, recycling, nitrogen, oil change and batteries.

How do we provide the service of dismantling and installing tires?

Removing and installing the car tire

Tire & Tech’s experienced technicians skillfully and professionally remove old wheels and tires from the vehicle, Inspect and treat sprains, install new tires and install valves as needed, Then fill and align the tires and refit the wheels to the vehicle.