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Tire Rotation

Tire Rotation

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Rotating tires is changing their front and back positions in order to slow down and equalize their wear. Therefore, it is recommended to rotate the tires every 10,000 km to avoid rapid and uneven wear, which in turn reduces tire performance and increases fuel consumption.

Wheel wear depends a lot on their position in the car. either front or back, It is also greatly influenced by your driving style. Therefore, rotating tires regularly extends their life, increases their efficiency and the force of friction with the ground, and reduces fuel consumption.

How do we provide tire recycling service?

Rotate the car tire

We guarantee safe and efficient rotation of your tires. Where specialized technicians dismantle all car tires, check wear rates and reinstall them in different locations to ensure that the wear is evenly balanced between them. Wheel pressure is also adjusted as needed. The service is available in Tire & Tech and in mobile service vehicles as well.